Everything You Need to Know About CBD Drinks

CBD drinks are increasingly popular and seem to be more readily available with the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. They can come in coffee, tea, water, or soft drink forms. There are several ways to get CBD into your organism. Various premium products allow us to do that, but mixing it with food and beverages is the most straightforward way. Currently, CBD's culinary uses have even become trendy.

This blog will talk about CBD-infused drinks and give you every piece of information you need before deciding to buy CBD Drinks.

What are CBD Drinks?

CBD drinks are created by using CBD particles, which are infused into the water. The idea result is a canned drink similar to sparkling water or a spiked seltzer like White Claw.

Though some drinks advertise themselves as "CBD-only," it can be tricky to find one that doesn't have a trace amount of THC. This is because extracting pure CBD from cannabis plants without THC content is almost impossible.

CBD Drinks: Advantages and Disadvantages

CBD Drinkables
  • CBD Coffee: The stimulation of coffee that we are well acquainted with may come at a price. Coffee can elevate our heartbeat and cause headaches or nausea—but these side effects could be eliminated when CBD oil is added to coffee.

Advantages: With CBD counteracting the negative aspects of coffee, it offers a boost of energy without any anxiety. This gentle extract has antioxidants that increase brain function while providing restful sleep and pain relief so you can get the most out of this natural product.

Disadvantages: Research does not show any disadvantages.

  • CBD Water: CBD-infused water is a simple way to ingest the compound. It's created by simply infusing ordinary water with CBD particles through nanotechnology.

Advantages: One of the significant CBD water benefits is that it is easy to drink and does not need extra preparation. 

Disadvantages: Supermarket shelf-life on CBD water can be limited by exposure to oxygen and light, so buyers must find out which retailer is the most reputable.

  • CBD Wine: CBD is mixed with wine through a process called nanotech infusion, which enables the CBD to infuse with the drink so that you can enjoy its benefits while drinking wine.

Advantages: Alcohol is replaced with CBD, and the flavors and aromas of wine remain untouched. They have reduced calorie intake. Most bottles will also tell you the dosage in milligrams per serving.

Disadvantages: Dosages are challenging to monitor. People that need medical benefits will have to consume the product in large amounts. 

  • CBD Cocktail: Non-alcoholic beverages benefit from the presence of CBD as they can provide a safe way to relax and escape the stress of an evening. Unlike alcohols, CBD in drinks such as cocktails won't dehydrate you or worsen your mood as the night progresses.

Advantages: CBD cocktails may relieve anxiety and insomnia. They can prevent cell and body damage by limiting unnecessary alcohol consumption.

Disadvantages: There isn't much research on this product; however limiting the dosages and consumption is advised.

  • CBD Kombucha: Similar to tea, kombucha is a fermented drink from brewing black or green tea. Some health-focused brands are adding CBD oil as opposed to sugar to make the beverage more desirable.

Advantages: Most people know about kombucha's antioxidant benefits, but it can also help calm the body and improve digestion. The drink has probiotic properties as well - improving your immune system over time.

Disadvantages: Lack of research on this product.

CBD kombucha

CBD Sparkling Water

CBD sparkling water might not be "scammy" like the mainstream wellness drinks, but they're still on-trend.

One way for these companies to cash in more is by expanding their locations. For example, you can find Bimble in New York City and Dram on the Western Slope of Colorado. If it's Daytrip you're looking for, there are a few California addresses there too. CBD sparkling waters are pricier than other bottled water, but they're becoming commonplace in this industry.

All CBD products are expensive to make, but the drinks that contain them are more so. The real issues with CBD soda lie in its price and the type of water used to produce them. Despite the increasing popularity of CBD beverages, these iced drinks contain a suspiciously small amount of cannabidiol and are an ineffective way to get the cannabinoid into your system. Additionally, these drinks often use questionable packaging.

To Wrap Up,

CBD drinkables are a great way to get your daily dose of cannabidiol (CBD) without the hassle. Whether you need an energy boost or some help managing pain levels, there's likely something on this list that will work for you! If one doesn't seem to be doing anything for you after about two weeks, don't give up hope; try another brand and see if it does any better. Remember that everyone's endocannabinoid system is different, so what works best for someone else may not have the same effects as you. 

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