3 Best Ways to Use CBD for Acne

There are various traditional acne treatments, but CBD may be an affordable and promising unconventional treatment for the condition. A review of CBDs efficacy as an anti-inflammatory agent found that it effectively reduces the symptom associated with disease and infection.

A 2014 study looked at CBDs' effect on sebocytes, the cells that produce oil and waxy beads in your skin that lead to acne. According to that study's results, CBD helped reduce the number of sebum cells produced. Which later resulted in a reduced appearance of acne and red spots.

However, while CBD's anti-inflammatory characteristics and its ability to reduce sebum production look hopeful, still a few studies have explored CBD's effect on acne. CBD may help you with your skin conditions but always consult with a doctor to avoid side effects.

In this blog, we will discuss 3 CBD products that have good reviews from consumers. 

CBD Oil for Acne

Scientists reveal that CBD oil benefits for the skin include reduced inflammation cells which prevent the inflammatory cytokines from activating. Cytokines may cause acne, but CBD oil can reduce them, leading to fewer breakouts in the future.

A review of the cannabis plant published in 2016 indicates its antibacterial and antifungal effects that help to reduce infections from dirt and pollutants on the skin.

How to Use CBD Oil for Acne 

To apply CBD oil on the skin, mix it with a carrier oil and use it directly. Mixed carrier oils include coconut oil, shea butter, argan oil, olive oil, etc. Studies that have applied CBD directly to sebum-creating cells in the skin had more efficient results, so the topical application can be considered the best option.

There are many CBD topical products available for purchase online, although people should be cautious of any harsh or irritating ingredients in the product. Also, make sure that CBD distributors conducted third-party laboratory tests to ensure their product contains a sufficient amount of psychoactive substances.

Once, eighty-four different consumer products which contain CBD were tested, and of those, twenty-six percent showed that they had less CBD than the label implied. Other products also contain tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive component of cannabis. Although it is almost impossible to cause a high when applied topically, it might be essential to watch out for if people have drug-sensitive skin or undergo regular urine testing.

Thus, we suggest you either use CBD oil for your face or be extra cautious when purchasing CBD products for acne.

CBD Gummies

Gummies: CBD for acne

Another way of using CBD for skin is CBD gummies. CBD gummies are a very comfortable way of taking CBD. They do not have the specific hemp flavor and are easy to use. Nowadays, people with problematic skin can find various offerings of CBD gummies that can help them fight acne. Besides CBD components, these gummies also contain Vitamin C. Vitamin C has elements that help with inflammation and post-acne marks. Additionally, these gummies also have other nutrients that can benefit the skin. There is a vast diversity of CBD gummies, and people can even find vegan and gluten-free options. Other ingredients can be organic tapioca syrup and organic cane sugar.

CBD Lotions

Even though we mentioned that CBD oil is the best way to use CBD for acne, CBD lotions can be a more suitable option for larger areas (such as back acne) and maybe way more affordable. Though, keep in mind to check the ingredients and labels.  

Most of the CBD lotions contain enough amount of CBD extract to be effective. Compared to CBD oil,  a CBD acne cream is nongreasy, nonsticky, and absorb way faster. They also have other ingredients that will help you to make your skin better. Components such as magnesium, shea butter, coconut can be found in a lot of lotions. Besides, these lotions may have lavender, bergamot, or other extracts to make you feel a pleasing scent and calm the skin.

It is recommended to use these lotions before bed. 

CBD lotions for acne

In Conclusion,  

Are you looking for a way to fight acne and make your skin better? CBD products might be the answer. Many different CBD products can help with various skin conditions, so it is essential to research before buying one. We want to give you some tips on how to choose the best CBD product for your needs! Whether you're trying out CBD oil or using other forms like lotion or soap, here's what we recommend:  (1) Choose organic brands when possible; (2) Look into whether they have any side effects; (3) Consider if there are any ingredients in the product that may react poorly with your body chemistry; and finally, (4) Read reviews from customers who have already tried that product. However, note that we all are different with different organisms and conditions. So the one that helped me can harm you. Make sure to consult with your doctor before creating a CBD skincare.

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