5 Health Benefits of Carbon 60

Carbon 60 is the long-awaited key to optimal health, pain-free existence, and highly balanced immunity. It's the most potent antioxidant ever discovered, and it may be the century's most amazing chemistry find.

Carbon 60 is a chemical that's "shaped like a soccer ball" and has been called a "free radical sponge." It's not only several hundred times more powerful than traditional antioxidants, but it can also reseat itself. So, while ordinary antioxidants can simply neutralize one free-radical at a time, C60's free-radical neutralizing ability is capable of simultaneously neutralizing several hundred free radicals, or even more.

Every time a molecule of Carbon 60 absorbs an electron, its structure changes slightly. And then, it becomes either another C60 -or- something else entirely different!

Some people take Carbon 60 as a supplement because it has antioxidant qualities. For this reason, it's also used in anti-aging skincare products.

But if you’re thinking about using C60, understand it is highly toxic! It’s made from pure graphite and people die from inhaling graphite.

In this article, we are going to discuss the 5 health benefits of carbon 60.


Carbon 60 helps to prevent eye damage in a number of ways. Carbon 60, as an excellent antioxidant, targets ROS throughout the body, neutralizing them and preventing cell injury. This promotes a healthy inflammatory reaction. Free radicals are responsible for causing various forms of eye disease including glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, dry eyes, etc.

C60 oil protects the eyes from oxidative injury by assisting with lens and pupil flexibility. Oxidative stress causes an unfavorable crosslinking of proteins within the eye, making it more difficult for eye muscles to contract and expand. Carbon 60 oils assist with optimum cellular functioning, allowing for greater flexibility in the eye.

C60 is also good for the retina. In fact, it has been shown to be neuroprotective and prevent cognitive deterioration in animal studies. It enhances the synthesis of essential hormones and neurotransmitters, which supports a wide range of body functions.

Carbons 60 molecules can permeate both the gut and the blood-brain barriers, allowing them to target ROS in all parts of the body. Cells may recover from oxidative stress after being free of it, leading to enhanced energy production (ATP) and a shift towards healing injured tissues.

Skin Care

Skin care

When exposed to UV radiation on the skin, active oxygen is generated. This will oxidize the skin cells or make them lose their suppleness.

It has also been verified that Carbon 60 has all-out effects against representative active oxygen (lipid radicals, hydrogen peroxide, and superoxide radical) using the same technique. 

When skin cells are oxidized, melanin levels rise and stains result. If your skin becomes loose, you'll get wrinkles. Active oxygen causes discoloration of the epidermis. The substances with antioxidant properties that may be used to suppress active oxygen production include C60, Vitamin C, Astaxanthin, Coenzyme Q10.

The most obvious property of C60 as a cosmetic ingredient is antioxidant capability. However, it was also said to be "the oxidation of the skin," fullerenes having an antioxidant potency 172 times greater than that of regular vitamin C.

It is capable of catching the majority of types of active oxygen. When the horny skin grows back with metabolism, fullerene that has captured this active oxygen is released along with active oxygen.

Fullerene has a longer antioxidant activity than other great antioxidants such as vitamin C astaxanthin, which remains in the skin and has a long duration and sustainability.

Carbon 60 is said to be non-irritating. It's a lovely component that is easy on even sensitive skin and dry skin.

Hair Growth

A Japanese firm carried out studies to see whether C60 has an impact on hair development. Dr. Baati and his colleagues noted in their first research on rats that C60, when combined with extending the animals' duration of life, also induced hair development, so Japanese firm DMS worked to find out if this was true.

The early research showed that C60 prevented oxidative stress and damage to hair follicles, allowing them to grow more hair in rodent studies. (The effects were most apparent in alopecia-related disorders.)

After six months of C60 therapy, the researchers discovered that the individuals had 16% more hair growth.

Brain Health

Carbon 60 for brain

One of the most promising applications of Carbon 60 may be assisting persons with declining brain function.

The human brain is composed of nerve cells and neurons; when these are damaged, the result is known as neurodegeneration.

The severely damaged brain of adults who have suffered a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), therefore, has an increased need for new neurons to be formed. New neurons are created in the brain after birth and then gradually die off over time. The traumatic nature of these injuries serves as a trigger for many neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer's disease.

C60, thus, has shown hope in helping restore new neurons, something that may one day stop and even invert dementia and Alzheimer’s.


When cells in a particular place begin to grow and divide at an excessive rate, this is known as malignant hyperplasia. The body may usually compensate for this, but when it can't, the extra cells might grow into a tumor. C60 may prevent cells from overproducing at an excessively fast rate by acting as a super antioxidant.

Once this happens, tumors may be stopped in their tracks.

C60 has been seen to shrink or cure tumors in mice. Scientists have also used C60 to stop the growth of human cancer cells grown in Petri dishes. It's possible that using C60 while surgery is being done may result in less surgery needed because there will be fewer cancer cells left behind.

There's also evidence that using C60 can protect normal cells from radiation damage, such as what would be experienced during radiation therapy.

Wrapping up

Carbon 60 has been shown to have a variety of health benefits. This includes anti-aging, detoxification, and improved immune system function among others. As more research is done in this field it's likely that we'll see an increase in the number of products containing carbon 60 popping up on store shelves soon.  

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