6 Easy Ways to Increase your CBD Oil Shelf Life

It is always essential to know the expiration date of any supplement; for CBD, this applies in particular. The real question is, what is the CBD oil shelf life?

Because it is a natural product, the shelf life and expiration date differ from brand to brand. The average shelf life for any CBD oil product is one year, but this can differ depending on the manufacturer.

Let's find out more about how long does CBD last once you open its bottle and discuss some ways to increase CBD oil shelf life.

So, Does CBD Expire? Shelf Life of CBD Oil

As we already mentioned, Yes!, CBD oil does expire. That's why you want to know the red flags along with ideas on how to combat them.

But before, let's discuss some of the factors that affect CBD oil shelf life.


Ingredients have a significant say in how long the product lasts; for instance, inadequate testing can lead to mold, heavy metals, and microbes infestation. These contaminants both damage or discredit the oil.

Ingredients like flavorings also expire and can affect CBD oil shelf life.


People often make mistakes when it comes to CBD oil storage, which can lead to severe consequences.

Some consumers do not store their CBD oil properly, which reduces the product's potency as it undergoes a more rapid decay process. 

Extraction Method

Most of the producers use the CO2 extraction method. In addition to being the cleanest method of extraction, CO2 is also one of the most effective. Still, it's worth noting that some brands use old cheaper ways to produce CBD oil. Explosive substances like butane can leave marks on the production. The traces it leaves may not pose an immediate risk to your health but will impact the shelf-life of your item.

Are You Supposed to Refrigerate CBD Oil

Refrigerating CBD oil

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about CBD oil shelf life.

Although you do not necessarily need to put your CBD oil in the refrigerator, It is best to keep this product away from direct heat and sunlight to preserve its quality.

Store your hemp products in areas such as the refrigerator or cupboard to keep them from going bad. 

Keeping CBD oil away from heat absolutely makes it last longer, while cooling methods like refrigeration ensure long service life for CBD products.

Factors of Expired CBD Oil

If you think CBD oil has gone bad, there are some indicators to check for.


Fresh CBD oil should have an earthy, pleasant smell.


Be careful not to mistake sedimented oil for cloudy, as this is a common misconception. Cloudiness can occur if the oil has been sitting in an unheated room or refrigerator. You should allow it to warm up at room temperature and return viscosity color naturally within a couple of minutes. Other signs of degradation include thickness and darkness.


Unless it is artificially flavored, CBD oil generally has a "nutty," "earthy," or "grassy" taste. Taste can still be tolerable even if you do not like these flavors. Expired CBD oil will have an "off" taste, just like other oils going through their expiration date.

Ways to Increase CBD Oil Shelf Life

increase CBD shelf life
  • It is essential to store CBD oil in a place where it will not be exposed to sunlight, air, or other substances. The high-quality, medical-grade CBD oil is packed in dark glass bottles to protect the oil from direct exposure to light and varying temperatures.
  • Firmly seal the cap of CBD oil after each use. CBD is vulnerable to the process of oxidation, which reduces its storage life.
  • Always store CBD soft-gels or capsules in the box they came with. Make sure that containers are always correctly closed and that the bottles are set vertically rather than horizontally.
  • Avoid storing your CBD oil in a humidifier as the increased moisture promotes microorganism growth.
  • It is best not to keep CBD oil in your bag or pocket for a prolonged period to avoid contamination. Bacteria thrive in warm, moist environments.
  • Always ensure that you use a clean utensil for dispensing CBD oil. Double-dipping a spoon or other utensil for CBD oil can introduce bacteria and infection to the oil.

To Conclude, 

Use these tips to keep your CBD oil fresh. Did you know that expired CBD oils can lead to a higher probability of adverse effects? If any of the following symptoms are experienced, it is recommended that you discard or toss out your old product and replace it with new CBD oil. This will ensure maximum potency for an enjoyable experience without side effects!

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