CBD Oil for Cats with Anxiety

Anxiety does not affect only humans. Animals as well can get upset, fearful, and anxious. Although the manifestations of anxiety in animals are slightly different from those in humans, they can be very similar such as pacing back and forth. Cats are independent animals, but they show affection when they trust you and the people around them. Thus, usually, it is very obvious whenever the cat has anxiety.

For example, it often hides because a cat's instincts tell them that the way to protect themselves is by not being seen. The cat might also display other specific behaviors, such as stopping playing or losing interest in food and water. It could also pluck out its fur (usually when nervousness has lasted for a long time). Still, there is no cat anxiety medication that cures the cat's anxiety. Most of them only relieve the symptoms.

In this blog, we will talk about CBD oil for cats’ anxiety.

CBD for Cat Anxiety 

The research on CBD oil falls behind its widespread availability—for both humans and animals. The extent to which CBD products are effective for treating anxiety in cats is currently unknown. Research into how CBD oil works in the brain is still in its preliminary stages. Early studies need to discover exposure effects before emphasizing specific outcomes.

Like the human brain, a cat's nervous system has receptors for cannabinoids and can enjoy benefits from it. The endocannabinoid system is a network of cannabinoid receptors that are located throughout the human/cat body. These receptors may explain why CBD oil has been linked to benefits such as pain relief and mood improvement.

However, some pet owners and veterinarians do not want to wait for all research results to come in.

Some pet owners claim that CBD oil has been an effective treatment for cat anxiety, citing cases where significant symptoms have been reduced in a relatively short time.

Researchers think that CBD's benefits are linked to how it interacts with neurotransmitters that affect fear and mood, as well as the endocannabinoid system.

CBD oil may also benefit anxious cats who have difficulty sleeping.

How to Use CBD Oil for Cats with Anxiety

Mix with Their Food

Fill the dropper that comes with your CBD oil, and add the prescribed dose to your cat's favorite wet food.

Give Directly

If you would like to give CBD oil to your cat, doing it directly is perfectly acceptable. In fact, doing so will yield faster results. It is safe to do this on an empty stomach but bear in mind that most felines are unrefined about the process. To expedite their compliance with such treatments, you can blend the oil into tuna juice.

Keep It Constant

Some veterinarians recommend splitting the dosage, especially for chronic issues, as it spreads the benefits throughout the day.

To calm your cat down before a potentially stressful situation, give them CBD oil one hour ahead of time.

CBD Oil for Cats Anxiety: Dosage

CBD oil dosage

If you've decided to use CBD oil for cats with anxiety, you may be wondering how much of it to give them. There are no federally set guidelines for dosing, but you should start with the lowest dose and gradually work your way up to the recommended dosage over a week or so.

Cats with anxiety are typically recommended 0.25 milligrams of CBD per pound of body weight each day, but this may vary by age and condition. The effects of this drug can last between 4-8 hours. You can break up this dose and take it throughout the day. 

CBD Oil for Cats with Anxiety: Side Effects

A study that researched the effects of CBD oil on animals found that some of the potential side effects might be licking, pacing, vomiting, chomping, head shaking/seizures, etc.

However, the side effects should be noted within context.

For example, the study noted that "head shaking" also happened when CBD was applied directly to their mouths. Thus, not all changes in behavior can be considered as side effects. 

A team of researchers found there were no significant changes in blood chemistry values during the study. While it'll be essential to monitor your cat whenever you introduce medication or supplements into its system, do not always panic about side effects.


Even though CBD gets good reviews from pet parents, one big problem is a lack of regulatory oversight. The wide availability of low-quality CBD products has occurred because there is a lack of oversight. The study tested CBD products and found that many do not have CBD reported on their labels.

Studies have also shown that some cannabidiol products contain potentially harmful contaminants; therefore, consumers are advised to purchase their favorite product from a trusted brand.

Cats are a remarkably sensitive species, and reacting poorly to foreign substances can cause serious health issues.


How to Find a Trustworthy CBD Oil for Cats with Anxiety

Here are a few tips for choosing safe CBD oil for cats with anxiety. Look for products carrying the Certified Organic Hemp Oil Label. This label has passed industry-imposed standards and carried out a third-party report.

It's also important to only use products that are made specifically for cats, or those that contain CBD oil alone—or maybe a small amount of CBD oil with other substances like coconut oil. Additionally, talk to a veterinarian, as CBD's long-term effects are unknown. You can find a local veterinarian experienced with holistic medicine by visiting the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association website.

To Sum Up

 CBD is a natural substance that has been found to help with anxiety in cats. It can be purchased as an oral supplement or applied directly on the skin of your pet. To use topical CBD, you will need to dilute it first for safe application and not overuse it since too much at once can cause problems like vomiting or diarrhea.

If you are looking for ways to reduce stress levels in your cat, consider giving them some CBD oil! Be sure to speak with your vet before trying any new supplements, though, so they can provide advice about dosage amounts and how often you should give them. The best way to start using CBD oil for cats with anxiety is by consulting with a veterinarian who knows more than just anecdotal evidence from others.

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