Everything You Need to Know About CBD Flowers

Whether you are a novice or veteran cannabis consumer, the CBD flower industry is booming and can be overwhelming. There are so many types to choose from that it can seem like an impossible task. This blog post will break down the basics of what you need to know about a CBD flower before purchasing.

What is a CBD Flower?

CBD flower is dried and preserved flower of grown Cannabis sativa plants that contain no more than a small % THC.

Opposite to common belief, hemp and marijuana are not different plants. Both are parts of Cannabis sativa, and the only difference is the amount of cannabinoids.

The major cannabinoids in Cannabis sativa plants are either high or low but have little effect. Breeders, however, started producing hemp plants with higher and higher concentrations of CBD by using more modern methods. Now, hemp strains with a high CBD and low THC ratio are as common as those with no CBD content.

These new hemp strains are used worldwide to create fiber, paper, and food products. At the same time, most marijuana plants are still grown to be smoked or consumed as psychoactive drugs in many countries worldwide. Both types of Cannabis sativa plants contain more than 100 different chemical substances that help them adapt.

CBD Flower Effects

A common question we receive is how CBD affects you, and this can vary depending on a few different factors, such as the dosage and how long you've been taking it.

Many people are anxious about using CBD flowers because hemp is a member of the cannabis family. They think that it can make them feel high or result in addiction. However, CBD will not get you high or hurt your thinking, judgment, or motor actions.

Smoking cannabis is a euphoric experience because of the presence of THC in flowers. THC is a psychoactive part found in cannabis and has the potential to make you feel high. However, the % of THC in CBD is considerably low; thus, the effects are different. Nevertheless, many CBD smokers feel unusual, especially if it's their first time smoking CBD flower. Still, the effects vary for users. 

Some users stated that they feel the buzz, the way one would feel after exercising.  Another part of people often feels a relief of stress and anxiety that does not overwhelm them or impede their ability to function. Certain strains may help you feel more calm, focused and have a better connection between your mind and body. Some users report feeling energized or motivated while others experience a mellowing effect.

Does CBD Flower Smell?

CBD flower smell

Fresh CBD flowers can have some resemblance to the earthy and "skunk-like" smell of marijuana, but you may find that it depends more on the strain. This is because different strains contain differing terpenes that give them their unique scent.

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a CBD flower is appearance, but odor indicates quality. When buying a CBD flower, let your nose guide your decision. Buy the one that appeals to you most through scent. If there's no aroma to the CBD flower or it smells like hay, this is a sign to avoid buying it.

How Much THC is in CBD Flower?

Depending on the strain, the amount of THC in CBD flowers can vary significantly. Let's take a look at the THC content of a few different strains.

  • Northern Lights – < 0.3% THC
  • ACDC – < 1.0% THC
  • Silver Surfer – 0.0% THC
  • Harlequin – 5% THC

As you have seen, THC levels in these strains are much lower than the levels of CBD. However, ACDC and Harlequin have a high enough level of THC that they cannot be considered federally legal CBD-only flowers (although they still contain higher levels of CBD when compared to other strains).



How Do You Use CBD Flowers?

The most popular ways of ingesting Cannabidiol (CBD) flowers are smoking or vaping them. Alternately, you can infuse the CBD into coconut oil and make edible treats or topical products that incorporate CBD.

How To Smoke CBD Flower?

One of the ways to smoke a CBD flower is using a pipe. You can start grinding the buds by using an herb grinder. This tool will crush the plant into a finely ground material. 

Next, pack the grounds into the bowl of your pipe. Ensure enough room for air to flow through the material by keeping it loose and not too tightly packed. While inhaling, cover any vents on top with your thumb so less air can pass through.

You can also smoke CBD flowers in a joint. Smoking tobacco cigarettes is notoriously easy. You need rolling papers, plant material that has been ground into a fine powder, and a filter (if you choose). To build a cigarette, you roll the finely-ground plant in the paper, then insert it between your lips.  Then, light the joint at one end and inhale from the other. You can roll joints the way you want, meaning they can be fat, skinny, long, or short.

Smoking CBD flower out of a bong is another way to enjoy CBD effects. It reduces the hot smoke by pushing it through the water. This decreases the burning effect that is usually smoking causes to the lungs. Some pieces, such as ones with an "ice catcher," are designed for inhaling cool smoke.

How to Vape CBD Flower?

Vaping CBD flower is possible by using a device. Once the vaporizer has been turned on, it will take around a minute or two for the device to warm up. You should see an indicator when the desired temperature of 360-380F is reached, confirming that it's ready for use. Lower temperatures result in lighter effects, while higher temps mean better outcomes. Loading tobacco into the chamber should be done with roughly .25 to .5 grams of CBD flower in it. The product will last longer when ground up and heated for a desired amount of time.

You can purchase a grinder if you need to grind the CBD flowers. Never try grinding CBD-rich parts of the plant by hand, which is most commonly done with flowers, as this risks robbing cannabinoids from your fingers without removing them. Take a few deep breaths, and exhale the vapor from your mouth. When you inhale, make sure to exhale what you're willing to consume for that session.

All in All, 

If you're looking for a safe and natural way to relieve pain, CBD flower could be your answer. We've given you all the information that we think is valuable about this type of cannabis product, so make sure to read through it before deciding how to use CBD in your life. 

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