Simply CBD – 3 Things You Need to Know About

It's clear that the popularity of CBD or cannabidiol in the United Kingdom has risen significantly in recent years.

CBD is becoming increasingly popular among consumers as wellness treatment, skin-care products, and even dietary supplements.

Cannabidiol is a molecule from the cannabis Sativa plant that doesn't have any psychoactive effects. In other words, cannabidiol does not get you stoned or high.

 CBD has been largely ignored by the scientific community and in consumer markets for decades - until now.

Recently, scientists have slowly begun to take a closer look at the effects of CBD and cannabidiol. Of course, this is not just because of its increasing popularity as a wellness-boosting dietary supplement - but also due to the realization that it's perhaps one of the most valuable cannabinoids within cannabis Sativa!

In the past few years, researchers have studied CBD for its therapeutic potential for many conditions. Scientists in the U.S., Europe, and other parts of the world have known the cannabinoid in its isolated form can exert remarkable therapeutic effects. Still, when CBD is taken within whole-plant cannabis, scientists started to find various applications that surprised them.

In this article, we will discuss a fast-growing CBD brand called Simply CBD.

About Simply CBD

Simply CBD is based in the Forest of Dean, close to the Welsh border, and it's certainly not an ordinary CBD firm.

The organization is also a charity's financial engine, providing funding for a registered animal shelter to establish a comprehensive dog shelter in rural Wales.

This company states that all of the profits will be used to assist in caring for sick and disabled dogs. It is also is one of the members of the Cannabis Trades Association U.K. It is a self-regulating body, which aims to set standards and best practices for the U.K.'s legal cannabis industry. They aim to ensure a safe and ethical supply of high-quality medicinal cannabis products from licensed producers in the U.K. In addition, they also hope that their efforts will help reduce criminal activity around cannabis cultivation.

The company does not have linked accounts on Twitter or Facebook. However, you can reach them by filling out the contact form on the website. There is no phone number listed, but you may send inquiries to customer service at

Lab Reports

Lab reports

Third-party lab testing is required for a CBD product to be regarded as reliable. If you are searching for a trustworthy product, always ask yourself these 4 questions.

What kind of lab testing has been done on the product?

Has any international or national standard accredited the laboratory in question?

How many tests have been conducted to determine each batch's THC, CBD, and other cannabinoid levels?

As different batches can have significantly different compositions, are you provided with test results for each one?

The answers to these questions will be enough to choose between the brands.


Simply CBD has all the information about its lab tests posted on its website. They are dedicated to providing the highest quality goods to clients and leading the CBD sector as a responsible leader. The company ensures that the products it sells meet the highest possible standards by having them lab-tested on a frequent basis. This guarantees their product integrity.

Simply CBD's mission is to share its passion for excellence. The company considers quality and consistency to be essential in delivering high-quality products that everyone can benefit from.

Simply CBD Products

Simply CBD offers a wide variety of products. From oils to patches, you can buy everything connected to the CBD from their website.

One of the best sellers of Simply CBD is Green CBD Oil - 2.5% Strength.

Green CBD Oil is a full spectrum CBD oil combined with hemp seed oil as a base. It's high in both CBD and CBDa. This Simply CBD oil comes in various flavors, but Green CBD Oil (formerly known as Green Herbal 250 or Herbal 750) is an unscented, natural oil. It has a pleasant, meaty vegetable flavor and maybe consumed under the tongue.

This is one of their top-rated CBD oils, and it's also one of the finest choices for novices. It also includes all of the cannabinoid and terpene components in their absolute amounts for optimum effectiveness.

Another best seller is CBD gummies.

Simply CBD gummies

A box of Simply CBD includes 20 delicious mixed fruit-flavored edible gummies. Each one contains 10mg CBD. It is also essential to note that gummies are suitable for vegans and vegetarians as well.

This is an excellent product for those who want fixed dosage. It also comes in comfortable packaging with a net weight of only 100g.

The Simply CBD gummies are made of sugar, water, pectin, CBD distillate, food flavorings, colors, etc. Each gummy includes 10mg of Phytocannabinoids. The gummies cost £15.00 and are almost perfect. The only drawback that can be mentioned is the amount of sugar used. 


While there is no Simply CBD oil for dogs, customers can try the brand's Turmeric Golden Paste

The golden turmeric paste is designed to be fed as a paste and contains the highest grade ingredients. When you believe your pet's turmeric supplement should be increased, add it to their everyday meals or as needed.

Turmeric is not exposed to radiation or steam, ensuring that the key components are preserved. The minimum curcumin concentration of this product is 5.1 percent.

The product also contains organic coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, black pepper, and Ceylon cinnamon

 Peppers were cracked just before they were added to the paste.

All in All

To conclude, Simply CBD is one of the market-leading CBD companies in the U.K. They offer excellent service, user-friendly products, and an unbeatable price. Their CBD is 100% natural, and their full spectrum oil contains terpenes which are getting more popular every year.

Simply CBD is a very high-quality product, and we recommend it to everyone who wants a reliable CBD product. The company has all the lab reports on their website for each batch of CBD, so the customer can quickly check their product.

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