5 Ways to Mask the CBD Taste

As CBD oil's health benefits become more well-known, people are discovering new ways to ingest it. However, some people face difficulties while trying CBD oil, as it has a specific taste that some might find awful.

Of course, there are various ways to take CBD, such as edibles and drinkables. These forms of CBD do not have a bad taste; however, CBD oil is known to absorb faster and give better results.

So,  if you do not know how to add a flavor to CBD oil, then this blog may be right for you.

In order to help you enjoy the benefits of CBD oil to their fullest, we collected 5 ways that will mask CBD taste.

What Does CBD Taste Like?

Different people have different perspectives on CBD taste. A lot of people hate using CBD just because of its unique flavor. So, what does CBD oil taste like?

Most people describe the taste of CBD as earthy, grassy, and peppery with a bit of nutty flavor. If you like greens and earthy flavors but are put off by bitter tastes, then natural CBD taste could be for you.

Alternatively, CBD may not be for you if you have a natural sweet tooth or find the lack of sugar appealing.

Does CBD Oil Taste Like Weed

Actually, the similarity of the tastes between CBD and weed depends on the extraction process of CBD. If the CBD is derived from solvents, it might leave a unique chemical flavor that would be pretty much similar to weed. However, if CBD is obtained using CO2 extraction, there should not be an odd taste of the weed. 

How to Make CBD Oil Taste Better

Eat a Snack Afterward

One way to mask CBD oil taste is through food. First, pack your favorite snack in hand and keep it by your side. Then, when the time comes, take the oil and eat the snack afterward to change the natural CBD taste in your mouth.

Usually, people prefer chocolate because it has a remarkable ability to mask bad flavors. 

Use a Mint

Mint for CBD taste

Mint has a sweet aroma that can give the food the taste of an aromatic herb, and its essential oils pack in refreshing flavors to mask the bitterness of CBD oil.

 Just use mint gum or candy after taking the CBD tincture

You can also coat oil with crushed mint leaves and then place them in your mouth. This should lessen the earthy taste at the end to which people usually react.

Use Only your Nose to Breath

After putting the oil in your mouth, start only breathing through your nose.  While this is not the best course of action for masking the taste of CBD oil, it might help you experience a little bit less discomfort as the air will be diverted from your mouth.

 You can even block your nose, as this can stop you from feeling CBD taste.  This method gives the same feeling as when you are sick. A blocked nose can make your taste receptors less sensitive, which is why this method might also work for masking the taste of hemp extracts.

Drink a Juice or Water

It can be helpful to keep a drink close by after you've swallowed CBD oil. Even simple water will help mask the taste, but the more flavor you add to your drink, the better.  Many consumers use coffee as it is a great way to prevent the awful taste from staying in the mouth.

Even using some lemon juice or drinking a milkshake will make it much better.

Use Honey

Honey for CBD taste

Honey can be a useful sweetener in drinks and other products that contain CBD oil.  Instead of putting the CBD oil directly under your tongue, put the oil and a drop of honey in your mouth together. Swallow them so that they can go to work within your system while you taste their better notes.

You don't have to worry about extra calories since adding just a few drops will get the job done.

All in All, 

CBD taste can be unbearable for many people. However, it can be masked to make it taste better. If the taste of your CBD is intolerable for any reason, we recommend trying some flavor enhancers that are safe and delicious! We hope this blog post has helped answer your questions about how to mask CBD taste in order to enjoy its benefits with ease. Let us know if there's anything else we can help you with by commenting below!

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