Gold Bee CBD: 4 Best CBD Products

Though Gold Bee CBD is a relative newcomer to the CBD industry, it has already generated a great deal of media interest.

What sets this company apart is the fact that all of its goods, including its full-spectrum products, are made with organic hemp. Lab tests have verified that the oils' high terpene content is significantly greater than average, as stated in the company's independent laboratory findings.

Overall, this is a great brand to buy CBD goods from. All the Gold Bee CBD products are made from organic hemp and provide exceptional value for the money.

They also offer a number of unique products, such as their full-spectrum CBD honey sticks manufactured from honey gathered in Brazil's Amazon rainforest.

In today's blog, you will get more insight into Gold Bee CBD.

About Gold Bee CBD

Gold Bee was previously producing organic superfoods and wildflower honey goods before it began selling CBD oils. After the creator explored high-grade hemp extracts, the firm started selling CBD products in 2019.

The firm initially made small runs of CBD oils available to local California dispensaries to determine customer reaction.

After gaining a lot of publicity for its CBD oils, the firm grew its business and began producing CBD gummies and capsules. The firm began selling its products through an online portal at the beginning of 2020. They also launched a new product line called CBD honey sticks.

Gold Bee products are now accessible to everyone in the United States through their online shop.

Gold Bee hemp extracts are made from organic California and Colorado-grown hemp. The hemp produced by this firm is of the highest quality, as attested to by laboratory testing. Hemp that has even minor traces of contaminants or low terpene and cannabinoid ratios is rejected.

This firm is employing a unique extraction process intending to retain as much terpene as feasible. Gold Bee uses a hybrid of supercritical CO2 extraction and distillation to extract the precious elements from myrrh and copal.

All extraction is done in tiny batches to guarantee that the Gold Bee team keeps consistent temperatures and avoids oxygen exposure.

The use of a filter in the extraction process minimizes natural terpene loss. Gold Bee's customer service staff is very helpful as well. They will be able to answer any tricky question you trow.

All Gold Bee goods come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so you may return them if there's a problem with your purchase or you're just not satisfied.

Gold Bee mainly offers four types of products.

CBD oil, CBD gummies, CBD capsules, and honey stick.

Gold Bee CBD Oil

Gold Bee CBD oils are the basis of the CBD industry. They have a low solubility in water (CBD and other cannabinoids are fat-soluble), which means they dissolve poorly in water.

CBD oil is a cost-effective and highly absorbable way to consume CBD.

The greatest CBD oils, Gold Bee as well, are made with organically grown hemp, include a full-spectrum hemp extract, and contain high-quality carrier oils such as MCT oil or hemp seed oil.

Three different potencies and two distinct tastes are available for purchase.

  • 300 mg CBD oil — low-potency, for those just starting on CBD, animals, or youngsters, this is the strain for you.
  • 600 mg CBD oil — medium-potency, suits everyone.
  • 1200 mg CBD oil — high-potency, the best seller.

Compared to the competition, the highest-selling feature of these oils is their high terpene content and low price-to-potency ratio.

Terpenes are a kind of chemical found in plants. These chemicals evaporate at low temperatures, giving the plant a unique fragrance. This is how hemp, lavender, hops, nutmeg, citrus fruits, and other plants have their distinct smells.

CBD oils with higher terpene concentrations are generally more potent and provide a broader range of health advantages.

Gold Bee CBD Gummies

CBD gummies

Gold Bee sweet CBD gummies are made from the same organic hemp crops that the company's other products utilize, with one exception. Instead of using a full-spectrum extract, these gummies are produced from a broad-spectrum extract.

However, there is a genuine reason behind this. Some of the terpenes generated in hemp will gum up the gummy base, making it sticky or causing it to lose its form.

When Gold Bee extracts the cannabinoids, it removes minute traces of THC, the key psychoactive cannabinoid in hemp.

These gummies are THC-free and have a delectable vegan-friendly gummy foundation, with each piece containing a high dose of 25 milligrams of CBD.

CBD Capsules

A CBD capsule is a soft gel capsule containing high-quality CBD oil. Most businesses will utilize the same CBD oil for their capsules as they do for other CBD items.

A capsule has several benefits over CBD oil without driving the price up significantly. It eliminates the hemp oil's characteristic flavor, which many people find unpleasant or grassy.

Capsules also remove the difficulties of accurately measuring dosages. Each Gold Bee CBD capsule has 40 milligrams of CBD, making it one of the most potent CBD capsules available.

Each CBD capsule is generally made with 10 to 20 mg of cannabidiol. This is a high-THC strain suited for those who require the greatest CBD doses.

These pills are a decent choice for those who suffer from chronic pain, inflammatory bowel disease, or severe anxiety.



Honey and CBD extract are highly effective when taken together because the CBD is readily absorbed into the honey. This means that the CBD will not sink to the bottom and clump like it would with other edibles.

Hemp oil and hemp extracts from it have a characteristic flavor that many people find off-putting. You may use CBD honey sticks by placing them directly into a cup of tea or another hot drink.

As the honey dissolves in the drink, it will diffuse into it and carry CBD with it. Beekeeping is where the origins of Gold Bee lie. As a result, their honey-sticks are a no-brainer.

The brand now focuses on CBD rather than beekeeping and honey, but it still knows what makes the finest honey. Gold Bee traveled to the Amazon rainforest to collect wild honey for this product. This region of the world is home to the most species on earth.

The honey produced here comes from the nectar of hundreds of different plants. The color and flavor of honey are due to the high concentration of sugars, which gives it a distinctive taste. Many plants' bees pollinate them, contributing medicinal properties from the various flowers that they visit.

Honey sticks contain 10 mg of CBD per stick and come in packs of ten or sixty, each with a total of 10 milligrams.

To Wrap Up

Their reputation as a top CBD brand has been built in just a couple of years. Despite this, we consider them to be one of the best CBD manufacturers on the market.

The Gold Bee team takes great care in extracting and preparing CBD products. Everything is made from 100 percent organic American-grown hemp, carefully extracted with state-of-the-art CO2 extraction, and extensively tested for quality assurance.

We recommend the Gold Bee CBD gummies or 600 mg CBD oil in their delicious honey flavor if you're new to CBD.

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