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Royal CBD is a California-based firm specializing in using non-GMO and organic hemp extracts to deliver pure and active full-spectrum cannabinoids.

Royal CBD is one of the best CBD oil companies to keep an eye on, having been recognized as one of 2020's Best CBD Oils. You may conveniently purchase items on the Royal CBD's well-designed and user-friendly website.

The selection of CBD products at the company is relatively limited, and they only provide free delivery in the United States.

However, the firm is committed to providing high-quality goods to its customers.

According to the brand, each batch of their CBD products is tested in a third-party laboratory to guarantee no solvents, poisons, or heavy metals.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Royal CBD

Royal CBD has a lot of advantages.

  • First of all, all Royal CBD products are made of non-GMO, organic hemp extracts. 
  • Secondly, The brand's products contain full-spectrum CBD, which ensures its maximum benefits.
  • Next, it uses hemp that is grown and farmed using sustainable farming practices. 
  • Additionally, Royal CBD offers free shipping over all the US states on all orders. 
  • Its website looks eye-pleasing and is user-friendly. You can find all the information you were searching for by looking at their website.

Some of the disadvantages of Royal CBD are

  • It has a limited variety of products. The brand only offers ten CBD products.
  • You cannot find any of the lab's reports on its products on its website. They are only available upon request. 
  • The shipment is available only within the USA. 

Customer Care

Aside from appreciating Royal CBD's organic dedication, you will appreciate its customer service attitude. They push their consumers to contact them without hesitation if they have any concerns about dosage, recommended usage technique, or other information relating to the use of their goods.

It's clear that they care about and understand their client's issues and concerns.

They are also accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

 Furthermore, they have comprehensive contact visibility because you can simply message them, phone them, or just touch them on their social network accounts.

Finally, the good news is that you will undoubtedly purchase without difficulty and 

confidence from them since they provide a money-back guarantee, under which you may reclaim your money within 30 days of obtaining it.



The therapeutic properties of the Royal CBD product are all in a full-spectrum CBD oil format, allowing you to get the desired synergy only achievable when all cannabinoid chemicals and terpenes are present.

Royal CBD's full-spectrum products, which include Royal CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Oil and Royal CBD Full Spectrum Krill Oil, allow you to reap the benefits of cannabis in all their glory.

Their tinctures are available both in a beginner's bottle and a maximum potency bottle amounting to 2,500 milligrams of CBD concentration.

Top 3 Royal CBD Products

1.Full Spectrum CBD Oil

This product is excellent for anxiety and stress. The oil has a beautiful golden amber color, which is a good sign of oil quality. The extract is clean and sticky, with a high amount of therapeutic cannabinoids and terpenes.

According to reviews, it is also one of the least nasty "natural" CBD oils, as there is no harsh plant taste in the mouth with this product.

Advantages of this Product

  • Offers three potency options: 500mg, 1000mg, and 2500mg
  • Has four types of flavors: Natural, Mint, Berry, Vanilla
  • It includes all of the cannabinoids and terpenes found in cannabis
  • Is suspended in high-quality MCT oil
  • It has a pleasant flavor with no bitterness or herbal aftertaste
  • It's been subjected to a lab test for strength and purity


  • No options for the ones who want larger bottles
  • Only Flavor-infused 500mg and 1000mg are available.

2. Full Spectrum Softgel Capsules


Capsules were always underrated.

In the past, large capsules would get caught in the consumers' throats because of their vast tops. Even if you took them with a glass of water, you'd feel that awful aching sensation in your throat for at least an hour.

So, Royal CBD solves the problem with large and uncomfortable capsules. The Royal CBD softgels, which are about twice as tiny as regular capsules, are easy to take and have many advantages. They are actually easy to swallow; don't stick to the tongue and do not require a water bottle to drink with.


  • They provide a comprehensive range of cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Suspended in high-quality MCT oil
  • Capsules are available in 25mg strength
  • It's simple to dose with a specific amount of CBD per pill, as it's always the same.


  • Compared to the competitors, the prices are relatively high.

3. Royal CBD Roll-On Gel

You'll like this product due to its convenience and simplicity of use, guaranteed. The Royal CBD Roll-on Gel is many people's riding buddy whenever they hit the road.

It's a perfect product when it comes to pain relief after injuries; the cooling action is even more apparent than with the Royal CBD cream. It also doesn't leave a greasy residue when applied.

However, there are no fats in the product, which might raise concerns about CBD absorption.


  • These CBD products contain 500 mg of broad-spectrum cannabidiol.
  • Due to its compact size, it is easy to carry around
  • Comfortable and straightforward to use
  • Menthol and aloe vera are both present


  • There are no fats to aid in the absorption of CBD.

Wrapping Up

The finest CBD oil products on the market come from Royal CBD, which uses only pure, organic hemp plants grown in a sustainable manner. The company sells high-quality items at reasonable prices.

Royal CBD, a producer of high-quality cannabidiol (CBD) products, uses cutting-edge testing and ethical methods to ensure that each CBD product is as potent and pure as possible.

The combination of full-spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes in CBD allows consumers to get the most out of their cannabinoids.

Despite the fact that Royal CBD items only have a few options, they are still well worth trying.

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