9 Ways to Take CBD

CBD or cannabidiol is a natural plant substance that can help people cope with various health problems.

Despite CBD's association with cannabis, the stigma around it is fading. One thing to be aware of before using CBD is that not everyone is comfortable smoking a joint (even though this method can help). There are those who don't like smoking in general and abstain from taking any form of CBD, even when they could benefit from their health issues. The questions  ‘‘ how to take CBD oil? ’’ and ‘‘what is the best way to use CBD’’ are the ones that we are asked the most.  

The good news is that there are a variety of ways one can consume CBD. Ways to take it include drinkables, edibles,  creams,  capsules, sublingual routes, and more. Each of the mentioned methods has its advantages and disadvantages and depending on your individual preferences; you can choose the one most suitable for you.

In this article, we will present 9 forms of CBD. 

CBD dips

Unlike tobacco, the cannabis dip contains dried CBD tinctures, monk fruit, coconut fiber, and the preferred essential oils selected by the manufacturer. CBD dips are very similar to chewing tobacco. They are created in a little handy pouch and are considered to be newer versions of chewing tobacco.

Users place the small pouch in their mouth, similar to when they chew tobacco. Manufacturers have even created a variety of flavors for consumers based on preferences, including traditional mint flavor.

CBD oil

CBD is a cannabis extract with the same healing effects as marijuana without its psychedelic effects. Some believe that CBD can reduce pain, anxiety and stimulate appetite. It has also been shown to help in treating some types of seizures. CBD oil is pretty easy to use. You just have to place one or more CBD drops under the tongue and hold it there for 30 to 60 seconds before swallowing. One disadvantage that CBD oil has is that it is difficult to understand how much CBD to take. 

CBD tinctures 

CBD tinctures

CBD tinctures are alcohol-based extracts. Using high-proof alcohol to extract the natural compounds in cannabis, is also a vital component of the final product. CBD in alcohol-based liquids will often contain approximately 60% alcohol. A typical CBD tincture has a shelf life of 3 to 5 years but can have an unpleasant taste as a result. Tinctures are often mixed with sweeteners, flavoring, or vegetable glycerin to mask the bitterness. On occasion, some manufacturers will also add vitamins, herbal extracts, or supplements like melatonin depending on the requirements of their products. But, still, a lot of people do not know how to take CBD tincture.

CBD tinctures are absorbed fast and efficiently when taken under the tongue. You can also add CBD tinctures to food or drinks for increased absorption rates. However, note that applying a CBD tincture topically won’t have any effect, and you will simply waste your product by rubbing it on your skin.

CBD flower

CBD flower is a type of cannabis that contains less than 0.3% THC, so it won’t make you feel high. Hemp and cannabis are the same plant genus, but the only difference between them is their dominant cannabinoid. Most people either smoke or vape CBD flowers. While these might be the most popular ingestion methods, using CBD flowers open up a wide range of possibilities. You don't have to stick with a typical THC-infused edible if you use this source from which all other CBD products come. There are so many CBD flower benefits, but the best thing is that you can infuse your cannabis into coconut oil and make any edible you want.


Another way of using cannabidiol (CBD) is by applying balms, ointments, or creams to your skin. For sore muscles, skin conditions, and even migraines, CBD Topicals work wonders. Apply the lotion to any painful area on your body, like your neck or back. You can so apply it to your temples in case of headaches and migraines.  The bad thing is that you will have to put a lot of lotion on your body whenever you need a higher dose. This makes it super uncomfortable, especially on hot days. Also, the effects of these creams are not long-lasting. 


Edibles are growing in popularity because they're a way to consume CBD. Some people do not like the way CBD tastes; thus, they can add it to their food. They can also consider CBD gummies or lollipops; these are best for discreet use while at work as they can be conveniently swallowed.

However, note that eating too many edibles can produce a multitude of side effects. For this reason, it's important not to overindulge because you are not feeling anything. It takes longer for the edibles to start working. So if you feel like it's not helping, consider waiting for 1 or 2 hours before eating another one.

Edible CBD

Sublingual CBD

 Sublingual administration is placing a drug under the tongue to dissolve, 

Sublingual tinctures can be a discreet way to administer CBD as well. To take CBD sublingual, you need to put the drops of the tincture under your tongue and hold it for thirty seconds before swallowing; this will produce effects that help you feel relaxed. It is very easy to use and, unlike other methods, does not require any additional equipment. You can effortlessly control the dosages and enjoy the long-lasting effects. 

Sublingual CBD


CBD oil can also be ingested in capsule form for people who do not want to have any variation in the amount of CBD they consume. However, the time it takes for CBD capsules to pass through your digestive system will vary depending on how many you ingest - these capsules could take up to 30 minutes before showing any effect.

CBD drinkables

CBD drinks are infused water with CBD particles. These canned, usually sparkling beverages typically resemble flavored seltzers or "spiked" sodas such as White Claw. Some drinking options consist of only CBD, however, they are very difficult to find in the market and usually contain an unacceptable amount of THC.  The biggest advantage of using this specific type of CBD is that it is very comfortable to take with you wherever you go.

To conclude, 

CBD is a buzzword, and, like any buzzword, there are many ways to enjoy its effects. Whether you're into vaping, topical application, edibles (in moderation), or prefer to take it orally by mouth, being mindful of your CBD intake can help ensure a pleasurable experience.

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